Wintz Company’s orientation is first and foremost human focused. We have the opportunity to design the lives of those who buy our homes – where you raise your kids, the parks where they play, the trails you walk each morning or the social settings you go to after a long day of work to meet your friends.

Since our inception, Wintz Company has developed several small subdivisions and pocket neighborhoods. As a result of our devotion to design, we have received four Gold Nugget awards from the Pacific Coast Builders Conference, the standard for building in the 14 Western States, for excellence in design and execution.

Aerial of Woodbury - a traditional neighborhood development

Woodbury is Moscow’s newest neighborhood, focused on providing a high quality of life for the residents through a  walkable and human-centered design. Parks and trails are scattered throughout to promote leisurely activities for a balanced lifestyle. Neighborhood businesses and public amenities will keep people out of their cars and on their feet. Designed for families, young professionals, active retirees, and the eledrly who want a helping hand nearby. With Woodbury’s different sized homes and cottages, there is a spot for everyone who wants the ease and accessibility of a neighborhood designed with them in mind.

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Two homes on wide residential street


Greensides was a small development of 4 unique cottages in Moscow, ID. Each single-story cottage has its own charming style and design features that make them stand out amongst the other homes in the neihborhood.

A home with a two car garage and desert style landscaping


Now, over 30 years later, Traditions neighborhood in Fillmore, CA is still the most sought after neighborhood in the area. This 40 home development was the first development by Wintz Company. This mix of single family homes set the basis for our goals... beautiful homes and designed community living.

A large white house with black shingle roof
Kamiak Cottages Farmhouse design.
Red house with front porch and chimney
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